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Laurus Consulting, a division of the Laurus Group, has been actively involved in training, mentoring, and grooming professionals across various industries in India since 2011. We have established a strong reputation and partnered with leading companies nationally, delivering successful training to over one lakh professionals. Our unique approach, utilizing proven models, technology, and expertise, ensures the success of each individual who attends our training programs.

Laurus Consulting also fosters a sense of unity among a company’s employees, aligning them with the organization’s goals and transforming them into effective team players and high-performing contributors. We have conducted training for renowned companies and government organizations, including Chungath Jewellery, Agape Logistics Qatar, Bank of Baroda, IHRD Govt of Kerala, CDAC Govt of India, Kerala University, Sterling Holidays, Alishan Motors, SK Group of Companies, Amal College Nilambur, and Afdindia.