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About us

Laurus Group has been one of the fastest-growing conglomerates in India by successfully conquering numerous milestones with every passing year through dedication and profound work. With its opulence of experience, Laurus Group has forayed into diverse areas such as Logistics, Training and HR services, and Consulting. Behind this progressive rise to prominence is a story of vision, foresight, planning, and excellence. The willingness to face challenges has made the Laurus Group a recognized name across India. The Laurus Group has three different business verticals: Laurus Institute For Training, Laurus Logistics Pvt Ltd, and Laurus Consulting.


Dr Ajay Sanker


Dr Ajay Sanker is the esteemed Chairman and one of the visionary founders of Laurus Group. With a remarkable educational background and over 22 years of extensive experience in academia and corporate training, he has positively impacted the lives of numerous individuals nationwide. As an accomplished academician and corporate trainer, his expertise encompasses various areas, including Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Interpersonal Skills, Marketing and Sales, Employability Enhancement, and Subconscious Mind Training.

Dr.  Ajay Sanker’s dedication to professional development extends to his role as a qualified independent director for listed companies, a member of the Indian Society for Training and Development, and a Director Consultant and Regional Trainer for Business Network International (BNI). He serves as the Director of Laurus Institute for Logistics and Laurus Logistics Pvt Ltd, leaving an indelible mark on the fields of training and mentoring.

Managing Director

Mrs Vandana Ajay

Mrs Vandana Ajay is the esteemed founder and Managing Director of LAURUS GROUP. With a post-graduate degree in Management and over 15 years of corporate experience, Mrs Vandana Ajay brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization. As a specialized professional in administration and operations, Mrs Ajay possesses a unique skill set that has contributed to the success of LAURUS GROUP. Her ability to optimize and streamline business processes has ensured operational efficiency and enhanced productivity throughout our company.

With her strategic insights and meticulous approach, Mrs Vandana Ajay has played a vital role in shaping the vision of Laurus Group. Her exceptional leadership qualities and strong interpersonal skills have fostered a collaborative and motivated work environment, enabling our team to excel and deliver outstanding results.

Mrs Vandana Ajay’s unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has garnered the respect and admiration of her peers and colleagues. Her dedication to organizational success and adaptability to dynamic market conditions ensure that LAURUS GROUP remains a leader in our industry.

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